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Hello from Trademark Attorney Charles Riddle and welcome. I’m honored to be in a position to help individuals and businesses with their trademark application needs. Twenty Three Years! I’ve been working in trademark law for over 23 years. It goes by fast!

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My work as a trademark lawyer began as an intern with a multi-generational boutique intellectual property law firm that had a long documented history back to Abraham Lincoln. The retired partners would join us for our annual Christmas luncheon. Every year, before lunch would end, Patent Attorney grandson George Harding would tell us the story of his Grandfather Patent Attorney George Harding. George Harding had retained Abraham Lincoln to work on a litigation regarding Cyrus McCormick’s reaper.

I recall one of the first cases I worked on in 2000. It was a trademark infringement lawsuit in Federal Court in the Central District of California. The litigation involved a trademark application for the word PAPERCLAY. Over the years, I worked on many trademark and patent cases, and I learned from each experience.

Over Twenty Three Years Experience as a Trademark Attorney

Well, 23 years have passed, and I have demonstrated experience trademark law, trademark applications, and trademark litigation in the federal courts throughout the United States. Over those years the focus of my practice became concentrated on the trademark application process and the trademark registration process.

I’ve opened an office in Pittsburgh to better serve clients in the region. Because trademark law is federal, I serve clients in all 50 states and US Territories, and foreign clients seeking trademark applications here in the United States.

Pittsburgh: Trademark law is my passion, and I look forward to serving you. I truly enjoy what I do. Welcome to Pittsburgh Trademark Attorney. The Trademark Process Simplified. We provide trademark searches, trademark application crafting, and trademark registration maintenance. Our Trademark Lawyer has 20+ years experience in trademark law. Allow us to help you. Do it right the first time!