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Pittsburgh Trademark Attorney with 20+ years experience in trademark applications!

Pittsburgh Trademark Attorney Charles Riddle is a licensed attorney, registered U.S. Patent Attorney, and litigator with more than two decades of experience in trademark law. Trademark Attorney Charles Riddle provides Pittsburgh clients with valuable trademark searches and consultations with a focus on trademark applications and the trademark registration process.

Charles Riddle, Esq.

Let’s Do It Right the First Time!

In my 20+ years of practice I’ve encountered almost every trademark situation. I’m conditioned to quickly identify common issues and potential pitfalls. I’ve perfected my consultation so clients are well informed and in the best position when it comes to managing their brand.

Charles Riddle

Eliminate Guesswork – We Answer Your Trademarking Questions

It’s our job to have the answers to your trademarking questions. We give you insight and perspective into the trademark process. Whether you are choosing a name for use with a new business, or renewing your trademark registration, we have the answers. We explain the differences between registering the the name, trademarking the logo, or both. We also consult with you and provide advice about copyrighting a logo. We explain to you how trademark searches work, and how the United States Trademark Office reviews your trademark application once it’s filed. In a short trademark consultation, we screen your proposed trademark for problems and provide suggestions that help avoid trademark office rejections. Hundreds of clients rely on Attorney Riddle’s guidance when registering trademarks here in the United States and overseas.

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